Bru’n Solutions, Inc.  assists with water and wastewater solutions for the brewing industry. Since we don’t sell equipment, we provide impartial guidance in solving your water and wastewater needs. We serve as brewery advocates in solving problems, helping deal with regulators and authorities, and working with brewery engineers and equipment suppliers. We know brewing and we use our engineering expertise to formulate better options for your operations. With our focus on water and wastewater services for the brewing industry, our knowledge and capability guides your solution.

Water is a major component of beer and the brewing process and assuring its quality is our service. Water chemistry has a profound impact on the quality and consistency of the brewer’s art. In addition, water chemistry impacts processes and equipment beyond the beer. Our expertise in brewing water chemistry and beer faults helps resolve and improve beer quality and perception.




Contact Bru’n Solutions at:    (317) 373-7974 or info@brunsolutions.com  to discuss how we can assist you in solving your brewery water and wastewater problems.