Bru’n Solutions provides consulting on Water and Wastewater issues in the brewery. Service areas include the following:

Water Treatment –

  • Particulate Filtration including sand and media processes
  • Taste and Odor removal via oxidation and activated carbon processes
  • Dissolved Solids reduction via chemical, ion-exchange, and membrane processes

Water treatmentfilter

Brewing Water Chemistry –

  • Water Supply Evaluation
  • Mashing Conditions Optimization
  • Water-related Flavor Improvement 
  • Water-related Fault Resolution

tunspigotsWastewater Treatment – 

  • Flow equalization and neutralization
  • Solids Separation
  • Waste Management
  • Aerobic Treatment processes
  • Anaerobic Treatment processes
  • Wastewater Reuse

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.wastes


While Bru’n Solutions is operated by a professional engineer, the company is not authorized by any US state for the practice of professional engineering. This website is not a solicitation for professional engineering services.

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